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Steve, Fireman, Beverly Shores, IN
Steve, Fireman, Beverly Shores, IN

Steve, Fireman, Beverly Shores, IN

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About Steve, Fireman, Beverly Shores, IN

"Uniforms, Outfits, & Accessories" We think of the word "uniform" to mean the distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization. However, in today's society the term is somewhat distilled and can be used interchangeably to denote outfits that are similar in nature, but not exactly the same, and not necessarily worn by members of an organization. The history of the uniform, goes back to the history of clothing and textiles. Textiles are defined as felt or spun fibers made into yarn that are netted, looped and knitted or woven into fabrics. They first appeared in the Middle East during the late Stone Age. From these ancient times to the present day, the production of textiles evolved and influenced how people clothed themselves. Uniforms, and outfits, are a decisive part of the human physical appearance and this appearance has a social significance in all parts of the world. Every society has a dress code that is well defined and understood by most members of that particular group. The dress code has specific rules, which in turn signal a message given by a person's clothing and the way it is worn. The message may indicate income, social class, religious affiliation, attitude, sexual orientation, marital status, or sexual availability. It may be seen in the clothes worn in the armed services, the paramilitary, the police, security guards, and the clergy. It can also be seen in shops, banks, post offices airports, bars, restaurants and hotels, sports teams, clubs, schools, and prisons. Sometimes corporations use uniforms to create a brand or corporate image. (The first service uniform registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark office was the Playboy Bunny outfit.). Uniforms, and outfits in general, send social signals that usually indicate personal and cultural identity. The idea of dress code works on many levels and is defined in many ways. One examp...


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