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Sapphire Vee Jewel Bearing .0787" / .0791" OD
Sapphire Vee Jewel Bearing .0787" / .0791" OD
Sapphire Vee Jewel Bearing .0787" / .0791" OD

Sapphire Vee Jewel Bearing .0787" / .0791" OD , Angle 85 / 95 Degrees , Thickness .0433" / .0453" , Vee Depth .0250" / .0300" (Pack of 5)

Product ID : 17085616

Galleon Product ID 17085616
Shipping Weight 0.01 lbs
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Manufacturer Small Parts
Shipping Dimension 4.02 x 2.99 x 0.12 inches
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Brand Small Parts
Package Quantity 1
Product is Out of Stock as of May, 15 2020
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Sapphire Vee Jewel Bearing .0787" / .0791" OD Features

  • Radius .0080 / .0120

  • Melting Point 3722 Degrees Fahrenheit

  • Specific Gravity 3.98

  • Scratch Hardness 9 Mohs

  • Compressive Strength 300000 psi at 25 deg Celcius

About Sapphire Vee Jewel Bearing .0787" / .0791" OD

Synthetic sapphires are next to diamonds in hardness which makes these highly polished bearings scratch and shock resistant. They also have a long wear life, and are highly resistant to heat, corrosion and distortion. In addition, sapphire bearings are nonmagnetic, dielectrically strong and provide good shaft end support and freedom of motion. They are especially well suited for use in delicate instruments such as ammeters, voltmeters, compasses and precision indicator devices. The jewel radius should be 2.5 to 3 times the pivot radius. In general, the greater the ratio between jewel and pivot, the greater the sensitivity and pivot roll. The contact area of the pivot should be highly polished and a finish of 2 to 3 micro-inch on the pivot radius is recommended. Small Parts also offers Brass Vee Jewel Assemblies in 80/85 Degrees (VJA-1, VJA-3, and VJA-5) and 85/95 Degrees (VJA-7)and Stainless Steel Vee Jewel Pivots in 50 Degrees (p/n VJPX-1D), 70 Degrees (p/n VJPX-2D) and 53 Degrees (p/n VJPX-7D)