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Ear Protection for Less! The Best Value in Sound
Ear Protection for Less! The Best Value in Sound
Ear Protection for Less! The Best Value in Sound
Ear Protection for Less! The Best Value in Sound
Ear Protection for Less! The Best Value in Sound
Ear Protection for Less! The Best Value in Sound
Ear Protection for Less! The Best Value in Sound
Ear Protection for Less! The Best Value in Sound
Ear Protection for Less! The Best Value in Sound

Ear Protection for Less! The Best Value in Sound Dampening Ear Protection!

Product ID : 22155568

Galleon Product ID 22155568
UPC / ISBN 785123200369
Shipping Weight 0.4 lbs
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Manufacturer Men At Work
Shipping Dimension 7.52 x 5.71 x 3.82 inches
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Brand Men At Work
Color Black
UPC 785123200369

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Ear Protection for Less! The Best Value in Sound Features

  • COMPLETE NOISE CANCELLATION:These Sound Dampening Headphones havethe highest NNR. Built with four noise isolationmaterials developed with thelatest technologies, the Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs will absorb any sound and vibration and you won't be able to hear a thing!Your ears will be protected and safe and you'll be able to continue your work without ending up with headaches and damaged hearing.You know you need these Over Ear Headphones in yourlife.

  • FOLDABLE AND COMPACT DESIGN:These Wireless Headphonesseem huge, don'tthey?But, don't worry, they are foldable and once you fold them they don't occupy too much space. You can place them on your desk, on your bookcase or you can even put them in your bag. Their compact design allows you to carry it around with you. So if you need the Sound Dampening Headphones for your work, simply fold it andput it in your bag or trunk. They're lightweight and they won'tbe a burden.

  • THE MOST COMFORTABLE EAR MUFFS:Who do you need the Noise Cancellation Ear Muffs for? Are they for a man, a woman, a child or maybe for a toddler? The Head Band of theEarProtectionHeadphones is adjustable so it will fit on any size of head. And,of course, the Ear Muffswillbe unbelievably comfortable onyour head since they aren'theavy and their Head Band is padded. Even if you wear themfor too many hours, you skull won'tfeel sore afterwards.

  • USE IT ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS:The Wireless Safety Headphoneswill come in handy in various occasions. For example, they arevery useful when you need to concentrate and study.Takethem with you whentraveling, orwear them when you are mowingthelawn or hunting. They'rethe ideal HearingProtection for laborers, carpenters and construction workers.And,if you are amusician or you enjoy fast car races, then the Noise Dampening Headphones arewhat you need.

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:Your satisfaction is our goal that's why we have backed up the Sound Dampening Over Ear Headphones with a money back guarantee. So get the Hearing ProtectionEar Muffs and try them out! Do they not cancel all noises? Areyou not satisfied with them? In this unlikely case,let us know and we will give you 100% of your money back.So don't hold back! This is a risk free purchase that you shouldn't miss out on!

About Ear Protection For Less! The Best Value In Sound

Make All Sounds Disappear Are you a construction worker? Does a regular day at work consist of extremely loud sounds that give you a headache and damage your ears? Are you a student? Do even small noises interrupt your concentrationwhile studying? Do you wish you could block even the softest noises? The Sound Dampening Headphones will block all noises and vibrations so that you can do your job without any problems. Professional Noise Cancelling Headphones The Over Ear Muffs are built with four layers of quality materials: • Acoustic Foam • A Sound Ring that Isolates Vibrations The Soundproof Headphones have been tested and certified to meet the OSHA guidelines and standards. They Combine Comfort And Practicality The Wireless Headphones have an adjustable Head and that will fit most, if not all heads sizes. The padded Head Band and the unbelievably soft Ear Cups will feel very comfortable on your head and ears, even if you wear them for hours. And when you don't need to use them anymore, simply fold them and store them in your bag. They are compact and don't occupy too much space. Hear Nothing But Silence Or Your Money Back Get the Men at Work Headphones and try them out. Have someone scream and you will notice that you won't hear anything! Does that not happen? Can you hear noises while wearing the Sound Blocking Ear Muffs over your ears? Then we will give you your money back! Our money back guarantee makes this a 100% risk free purchase! So Don't Hold Back! Click The "Add to Cart" Button NOW!