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Sartorius 6960SE03 Dust Cover for Quintix and
Sartorius 6960SE03 Dust Cover for Quintix and

Sartorius 6960SE03 Dust Cover for Quintix and Practum Analytical Balances with Draft Shield

Product ID : 5543354

Galleon Product ID 5543354
Shipping Weight 0.02 lbs
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Model 6960SE03
Manufacturer Sartorius
Shipping Dimension 7.99 x 5.71 x 1.1 inches
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Brand Sartorius
Package Quantity 1
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Sartorius 6960SE03 Dust Cover for Quintix and Features

  • Dust cover protects instruments from dust and other particles while not in use

  • For use with Sartorius analytical balances with a draft shield (sold separately)

About Sartorius 6960SE03 Dust Cover For Quintix And

Balances are measuring instruments used to determine the mass of an object, while scales are used to measure the weight of an object. The measurement results from balances are generally considered to be more precise compared to results from scales. Mechanical balances are the simplest type of balance, and use a lever and slide to indicate the measurement. Conventional balances are commonly used in offices, the jewelry industry, and in kitchens, and display results digitally, but are less precise than analytical balances. Analytical balances measure to a high degree of precision and accuracy (0.0001 g or better), and display results digitally. These balances have a cover with doors to prevent dust and airflow from affecting the measurement. Moisture balances analyze moisture content in a material sample, using infrared or halogen heat sources to dry the sample and then calculate the moisture content from the before- and after-drying weight, and display results digitally, on the balance, or transfer the information for display on a computer. Sartorius manufactures laboratory and process technologies and equipment for biopharmaceutical, biotech, and food industries. The company, founded in 1870, is headquartered in Gottingen, Germany.