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Sterling Seal & Supply, SSS1100TCP.125x3-V
Sterling Seal & Supply, SSS1100TCP.125x3-V

Sterling Seal & Supply, SSS1100TCP.125x3-V 1100TCP-V Expanded Flexible Graphite Braided Packing, 3' Cut Length, Graphite, 0.125" Cross Section, Black

Product ID : 30500731

Galleon Product ID 30500731
Shipping Weight 0.06 lbs
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Model SSS1100TCP.125x3-V
Manufacturer Lamons
Shipping Dimension 6.46 x 6.18 x 0.59 inches
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Brand Sterling Seal & Supply, Inc. (STCC)
Color Black
Package Quantity 1
Release Date 2017-10-16
Size 0.125" Cross Section

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Sterling Seal & Supply, SSS1100TCP.125x3-V Features

  • Pump, valve and groove uses: braided from pure expanded flexible graphite. It is self-lubricating, chemically inert and thermally conductive

  • Material is applicable with air, ammonia, chemicals, corrosives, gases, oils, paper stock, solvents, liquor, water, steam, boiler feed water and condensate

  • Industry use with chemical & pharmaceutical, general industry, oil & gas, pulp & paper, power generation, mining & minerals, municipal/wastewater and steel & metals

  • Temperature range -328°f (-200°c) to 850°f (455°c) atmosphere to 1200°f (650°c) in steam

  • Pressure range 600 psi (41 bar) rotary to 4, 000 psi (275 bar) valves

About Sterling Seal & Supply, SSS1100TCP.125x3-V

Sterling Seal and Supply's Style 1100TCP packing is braided from pure expanded graphite. It is resilient, self-lubricating, chemically inert and thermally conductive; additive zinc inhibitor for corrosion resistance. Style 1100TCP can be used in both pumps and valves in a wide range of service conditions. Flexible graphite compression packing with an anti-corrosion additive protects pumps and valves from fluid leaks in static and dynamic applications. Expanded Flexible Graphite Packing from Sterling Seal has years of proven success for high shaft speeds with a low coefficient of friction in both low and high temperatures. Sterling Seal’s Graphite Packing has excellent resistance to harsh chemicals and high temperatures. It transfers heat away from the shaft to prevent glazing and scoring, reducing leakage and extending the packing and sleeve life. An anti-corrosion ingredient is added to the packing to reduce the chance of pitting. This packing is compatible with media in the pH range of 0-14. Mechanical Packing, the basics: Where would I even use packing? A great example is for a boat. On a boat having an inboard motor that turns a shaft attached to an external propeller, the shaft passes though a stuffing box, also termed a 'stern gland' in this application. The stuffing box prevents sea water from entering the boat's hull. The stuffing box, in layman’s terms, is where “Mechanical Packing” goes. In general “Packing”, often referred to as rope seals provide a pressure seal to help retain fluids and gases in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. Packing is available in variety materials that suit specific pressure, temperature, speed, and chemical applications. They can be used to create a static seal in fixed or slow-moving applications like expansion joints, doors, and valves, or a dynamic seal in equipment with reciprocating, rotating, or oscillating movement like centrifugal pumps, rotating stems, and blowers.