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IpowerBingo Power Inverter 1000W/2000W Dual AC
IpowerBingo Power Inverter 1000W/2000W Dual AC
IpowerBingo Power Inverter 1000W/2000W Dual AC
IpowerBingo Power Inverter 1000W/2000W Dual AC
IpowerBingo Power Inverter 1000W/2000W Dual AC
IpowerBingo Power Inverter 1000W/2000W Dual AC
IpowerBingo Power Inverter 1000W/2000W Dual AC
IpowerBingo Power Inverter 1000W/2000W Dual AC

IpowerBingo Power Inverter 1000W/2000W Dual AC Outlets and Dual USB Charging Ports DC 12V to 110V AC Car Converter with Digital Display

Product ID : 38463681

Galleon Product ID 38463681
Shipping Weight 2.59 lbs
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Manufacturer IpowerBingo
Shipping Dimension 11.38 x 6.14 x 2.72 inches
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Brand IpowerBingo
Color 1000WLCD-Black
Size 1000W Power Inverter
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IpowerBingo Power Inverter 1000W/2000W Dual AC Features

  • [1000W High Power Inverter] - Come with professional and free cigarette lighter and 2pcs battery clips.Provides 1000 watts continuous power,2000 watts surge power,converts 12V DC battery power to standard 110V AC.(Please confirm your device is in 1000W continuous power).

  • [100% Fast Charging] - Dual 110V AC Outlets ideal for charging laptop,fan game console, kindle,TV,DVD players,Christmas lights,Breast Pump.Fast 3.1A USB Charging Ports great for fast charging iPod,Smartphone and other electronic devices.(NOTE:Please directly use inverter connect to 110V device,if inverter can work for device,its voltage is qualified! Don't use electrical meter test inverter voltage,it is wrong way.)

  • [Multi-Protection] - Built-in 2 replaceable 40A fuses,1 temperature controlled cooling fan.Safe charging design provides protection for you and your device,this power inverter has over voltage,overload,over-current,under-voltage,overheating,short circuit protection,polarity reverse protection.

  • [Compact and Durable Aluminum Housing] -2.8lb weight is portable to take,durable aluminum body provides advanced protection and easier to cooling. Also come with 2pieces 23in battery clamp cord,1 piece 20in cigarette lighter cable.

  • [Unique Outlets Design and Broad Applications] - The outlets are so convenient it is enough to plug in two larger sized plugs at the same time.Use usb cable to connect car cigarette lighter sockets to power your device.Use a 12V battery system to connect with it to power your device in home or outdoors for emergency,outdoor activities,outage.

About IpowerBingo Power Inverter 1000W/2000W Dual AC

Ipowerbingo devoted to providing quality products with better prices. Designed as a real powerful power inverter with high performance to power up multiple loads and major household appliances on the go. Manufactured with superior quality prarts with professional customer service for end-users. ◆Features: Ultimate Versatility It can be used for camping,outdoors,vacations,road trips,remote job sites,and even charging household items. The outlets can power a wide range of power-hungry items on the road.For maximum utility,stay in charge at all times and add this to your travel emergency kit. Replaceable Fuse Built-in replaceable 40A mini slip fuse to protect your devices,easy to replace.Provides safe charging under harsh surrondings and all seasons. Cooling Fan Cooling Fan is to keep the unit from overheating.The cooling fan is normally started at 1/3 of the rated power of the inverter.The conversion efficiency will rise after the cooling fan kicks on. For Optimal Use: 1. The inverter does NOT apply to high power electric devices such as electric heaters, curling irons, etc. Some of cordless drill batteries chargers may make high peak reverse voltage, this inverter is not good for this application. 2. This is a Modified Sine Wave series inverter, NOT applicable for air conditioners,CPAP, refrigerators and microwave ovens, please choose our Pure Sine Wave inverters. 3. If the output power of the inverter is HIGHER than 150W, we strongly recommend you using the Crocodile Clips to a battery (clips are included) but not the cigarette lighter, because your car cigarette lighter might not afford power over 150W. 4. When using reactive load appliances, the start power will be 2-5 times of continuous output / rated output power. 5. 2000W is the peak power of this inverter. The continuous output / rated output power is about 45%~60% of the peak power.