280nm Sterilization Led UV Gel Curing Lamp Printing Machine Ink Silk Screen Printing Version Ultraviolet Metal Glass Black Light

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Galleon Product ID 42806602
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About 280nm Sterilization Led UV Gel Curing Lamp Printing

48Leds 275-280nm Led UV Lamp,4-10mW/cm2,30 Beam Angle,48 Leds SMD,Free Your Country Plug,Input Voltage 110-240Vac,Input Voltage 110-240Vac,Free Your Country Plug,SCREW,Stainless Steel ,Heat Dissipation 3D,360 Angle Adjustable,USA Bridgelux Chip,48 Leds SMD,30 Beam Angle,4-10mW/cm2,SLIM.Special Warning,Can't look directly at the eyes, causing all consequences to be irrelevant to us.Application,Deodorization, disinfection, sterilization, mosquito killing,Dry Stains Odor Eliminator Birthday Wedding Stage Lighting ,Glow ance Party Dark Aquarium Body Paint Fluorescent Poster,Neon Glow Curing Halloween Detector Dog Cat Urine Pet Stains Bed Bug,Curing glue,Printing version,disinfection,sterilization,plant growth,medicine,experimentation,stage performance,etc.