5 Pack, Blue LED 9 Volt Battery Operated Micro Effects Light for Scenery Props and Models

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About 5 Pack, Blue LED 9 Volt Battery Operated Micro

The MEL (Micro Effects Light) is a series of simple low cost LED light sources with a built in DC barrel type connector. The 2.1 x 5.5mm barrel connector is very common for many low voltage DC power applications simplifying the building of a micro effects lighting system in a modular fashion. The MEL operates from 9 – 12 volts DC which allows a simple effects system operating from a 9 volt battery possible. The MEL is optimized for high light output at 9 volts DC with a nominal power of 0.18 watts operating at 20ma ref. Well suited for various LED lighting applications such as: scenery, props, models, animatronics, robotics, fx- special effects, and costumes. This kit includes 5 pcs blue MEL light and 5 pcs 9 volt battery clips with 5” ref wire leads. The overall length of the light and the clip is 8” ref.