Air Fryer Cookbook: 1000 Day Delicious, Quick & Easy Air Fryer Recipes Anyone Can Cook (Air Fryer Cookbook With Pictures 2022)

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About Air Fryer Cookbook: 1000 Day Delicious, Quick

Product Description **With Pictures, Nutrition Facts and Simple Instructions** Do you own an exciting Air Fryer?Do you want to get the very best out of it with some amazing recipes?This healthy Air Fryer cookbook has many to choose from! Air Fryers have become one of the most popular kitchen appliances that millions now own and the reasons are simple. Healthy, delicious and nutritious food, cooked to perfection every time, means that you can rely on your Air Fryer to provide great meals any day of the week, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And inside the pages of Air Fryer Cookbook: 1000 Day Delicious, Quick & Easy Air Fryer Recipes Anyone Can Cook, you will find plenty of scrumptious recipes waiting for you to try, like: Breakfast sweet potato skins Toad in the hole Sweet and sour pork Nacho hot dogs Eggplant fries Crumb-topped sole Quinoa arancini Honeyed pears in puff pastry And many more… This easy Air Fryer cookbook is perfect for beginners and advanced users alike and comes complete with pictures of the recipes, measurement conversions, and nutritional facts as well. With it, you could be enjoying great food every single mealtime, safe in the knowledge that your family is getting all their nutritional needs as well. Get a copy of this amazing Air Fryer Cookbook now and start cooking your delicious meals today!Amazon exclusive offer: Buy the paperback & download the kindle version for FREE! – Handy while you wait for the paperback book to be delivered. Review "Being a food critic, I used to go through the cooking tips provided in the recipes. The author of the Air Fryer Cookbook, William Cook, did a splendid job by providing essential cooking tips, which are very helpful not only for a novice but for a seasoned cook. I found the cookbook very informative and touched almost all cooking departments to make food preparation a fun-filled experience. I never thought one could make this many recipes that can effortlessly use in Air Fryer Cooking. It is one of the best recipe books with lots of practical advantages." ―America's Test Kitchen, author of Air Fryer Perfection "I never knew Air Fryer appliance is such a good workhorse and people can cook so many varieties of delicacies. I love conventional cooking, especially using tabletop cooking. But my perception has changed after reading the Air Fryer Cookbook written by William Cook. I was wondering how an Air Fryer can use to make delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The cookbook offers many delicious foods suitable for your mood and appetite. As a food specialist and author, I am very much delighted to have such a wonderful recipe book." ―Linda Larsen, author of Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners "I am a recipe blogger, and my hobby is developing new recipes. One of my friends referred me to Air Fryer Cookbook, and I found it is worth having in your kitchen. The author, William Cook, has done a fantastic job in selecting affordable ingredients without compromising the deliciousness of the food items. He successfully utilized the potential of the air fryer, and I am amazed to see the result. The book showcases fantastic cooking tips, especially for making crispy sesame tofu, fried fish and chips, etc. With this recipe book, you can do magic in the kitchen." ―Gina Kleinworth, author of The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook for Two "The Air Fryer Cookbook is the latest addition to my cookbook collection. I'm writing recipes myself, and I love this recipe book because of its variations. The author, William Cook, has showcased his culinary brilliance by introducing various cooking tips to augment the taste of the air-fried foods. Besides, the recipes have matching pictures, giving the reader a clear idea of the cooked food. The recipe book also comes with a measurement conversion chart to make it easy for users to select the correct unit." ―Publications International Ltd., author of Air Fryer Cookbook From the Author Thank you for choosing my Air F