All Fall Down: A Novel

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About All Fall Down: A Novel

Author One on One with Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Weiner Photo Credit: Adam Bouska Photo Credit: Andrea Cipriani Mecchi 1. All Fall Down has all the hallmarks of a Jennifer Weiner book, but is a departure, too—it addresses the very serious topic of addiction to painkillers. What made you want to explore this subject, and how do you imagine your readers will react? I wanted to write about addiction because I know—along with anyone who reads the papers, or People magazine—that it’s a huge problem for women. Like most people out there, I’ve had the experience of seeing friends and loved ones go through it. More than that, though, addiction interested me as a symptomatic problem. When you talk to therapists and counselors, they’ll tell you that addicts don’t have a problem with alcohol or pills, but a problem with feelings. They don’t know healthy ways to handle their emotions, which is why they end up in trouble with pills, or pot, or gambling, or shopping. I wanted to write about a woman who’s an addict but, more than that, a woman who can’t handle her feelings, a woman who’s gotten what looks like a happy ending, but doesn’t feel happy at all. I think people come to my books for laughs, and I don’t want this book to feel like an after-school special. My hope is that I’ve told something very sad and very real, but in the voice of a character who is funny and self-deprecating, even as she’s sl