Borderlands: Game of the Year Signature Series
Borderlands: Game of the Year Signature Series

Borderlands: Game of the Year Signature Series Strategy Guide

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About Borderlands: Game Of The Year Signature Series

-ONLY A BOOK THIS BIG CAN COVER A GAME THIS MIND-BLOWING!This 600-page hardcover tome is the ultimate weapon for a game already teeming with guns. Packed with everything you need to dominate Borderlands and all four episodes of DLC, it s indispensible, collectible, and HUGE - even Brick needs two hands to hold it! WALKTHROUGHS & MAPS FOR ALL THINGS BORDERLANDS! Complete coverage of Borderlands and all DLC (The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi s Underdome, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, and Clap-Trap Revolution). Features enhancements to our original Signature Series guide. World Maps and Quest Indexes for finding what you need fast. New developer tips from the Gearbox team. All chest and quest point locations revealed on area maps. GUNS GALORE! The ULTIMATE REFERENCE for understanding the weapons system and how guns are generated, including the new Pearlescent guns. Massive GUN CATALOG details over 400 weapons -an arsenal of guns (including Legendaries) from all five classes for each of the nine manufacturers. Exhaustive GUN GLOSSARY decodes the meaning behind the modifiers. VAULT HUNTER HEAVEN! Glean the full potential of all four character classes List of all class mods and advice for using them Skill trees and strategies for building the ideal character WASTELAND WANDERERS! A comprehensive Bestiary of all enemies including the new DLC foes. Our exclusive critical hit diagrams identify where to target each type for maximum damage. Plus COMBAT DETAILS for every creature, including level data, attack styles, weaknesses, resistances, loot drop, and more! CONCEPTUAL ART GALLERY! We ve opened the vault of artist sketches at Gearbox - a never before seen treasure chest of drawings from the game creators, featuring the bizarre creatures and environments from the DLC!