BUBOS Art Acoustic Panels,12“x12”inch Premium Acoustical wall panel,Better than foam, Decorative Sound Absorbing Panel for walls, Studio Acoustic Treatment. Soundproof wall panel,6 Pack,Infinite Loop

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About BUBOS Art Acoustic Panels,12“x12”inch Premium

BUBOS Acoustic Panel - professional grade sound reduction at a fraction of the cost! Product Highlights: Coverage: Each package comes with six panels and can cover up to six square feet of area Density: Each panel is 230kg/m3 dense - the densest on the market allowing for maximum sound, echo, and reverb absorption. Eco-Friendly: Each panel is made of 100% Polyester Fiber Effectiveness: Lab tested .95 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) - commercial grade results conveniently packaged for home or office use Easy to Install: Can be installed by anyone! Following the installation guide, simply attach 3M Double Sided Tape (sold separately) to the back of the panel and adhere in the position desired - that's it! Easy to Remove: Simply detach each panel and reinstall to the new desired location - no holes in your walls! Safe for All: B1 Class Flame Retardant, odorless, and do not alter air quality making it safe for adults, kids, and pets! Popular uses from our valued customers: Family/TV Room: Enjoy your favorite movies with enhanced sound experience provided by stopping echoes and reverb from bouncing off adjacent walls and enjoy crisp, clean sound Music/Home Studio Room: Isolate, absorb, and disperse excess sound allowing the music you're making to be beautifully unaffected Game/Streamer Room: Ensure that whether you're chatting with buddies over a game online or if you're streaming for the world to see, that what you're saying is contained and unaltered Office/Workspace: Eliminate echoes from important phone calls and reduce excess noise from escaping your workspace Nursery/Kid's Room: BUBOS Acoustic panels are excellent for isolating noise and eliminating echoes - and are 100% child friendly!