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Fordyce Spots Removal Cream. The first clinically proven fordyce spot home treatment for men and women. Works fast and is painless. Better results than laser therapy.

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Galleon Product ID 15304167
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UPC 667031306855
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  • GET RID OF YOUR FORDYCE SPOTS QUICKLY & SAFELY. Fordyce Gel is the first therapy that is specifically designed to target the sebaceous glands under your spots and diminish their size.
  • ADVANCED DUAL-ACTION THERAPY IS PROVEN TO WORK. Fordyce Gel uses a proprietary combination of retinoic acids and Poly Hydroxy Acids to first disperse the sebum buildup under your fordyce spots then to safely diminish the activity of the sebum glands that cause the skin bumps.
  • SEE VISIBLE RESULTS WITHIN DAYS. Fordyce Gel uses highly concentrated ingredients that go to work almost immediately. Most people see dramatic results within the first few days of use.
  • BETTER VISUAL RESULTS THAN LASER TREATMENTS. Lasers tend to not only be expensive but they also take a brute force method of treating fordyce spots by destroying the sebaceous glands under them. The fordyce gel therapy takes a more precise approach that allows the sebaceous glands to diminish in size without causing any damage to them. This means your spots smooth out without risking any skin discolorations due to tissue injury.
  • NEVER FEEL SELF-CONSCIOUS AGAIN. With perfectly smooth skin, you'll no longer have to worry about what others think about your fordyce spots.


Studies have shown that fordyce spots are a unique skin condition where the body misplaces a certain type of gland in our skin. Our skin has two types of glands sweat glands and oil glands (sebaceous glands). For these glands to do their job, they have to be able to release their fluids onto the surface of the skin. But imagine what would happen if the body somehow mistakenly placed an oil gland under the skin without leaving an open pore to the surface? The oil gland would produce its oil and this oil would get trapped under the surface. If enough oil was produced by this trapped gland the little blob of trapped oil would create a visible bump on the skin surface. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT A FORDYCE SPOT IS - A SAC OF TRAPPED OIL PRODUCED BY A MISPLACED SEBUM GLAND (OIL GLAND). This also explains why no home remedy or anti-sebum product works on getting rid of fordyce spots. Most products try to simply get rid of Fordyce spots by getting rid of skin oils on the surface, whereas the actual oil that needs to be dispersed is below the surface. And when a remedy does manage to penetrate the skin surface, it is usually so harsh that it ends up causing deep tissue damage and leaves the treated area either scarred or discolored. Fordyce Gel is the first therapy that uses a combination of two advanced compounds (retinoic acid and Poly Hydroxy Acids) to first safely penetrate the epidermis, then disperse the trapped oil under the fordyce spot. It even goes on to safely diminish the size of the actual misplaced sebaceous gland under the fordyce spots so that when you stop the therapy, your fordyce spots don't come back. As you use the therapy, you'll notice that your fordyce spots will get flatter and your skin smoother to the point where they will be completely invisible to the naked eye. You will be left with perfectly healthy looking skin that is bump-free.