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LOCK in PLUG - lock & secure any plug / cable / cord / charger into your outlet! Locking wall adapter for electrical outlets. Baby proof, extension cords, critical appliances, pet/child safety

Product ID : 18764970
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Galleon Product ID 18764970
UPC / ISBN 684286337960
Shipping Weight 0.07 lbs
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Model 2 Prong - White & Gray
Manufacturer LOCK In PLUG
Shipping Dimension 6.5 x 2.99 x 0.31 inches
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  • Keep cords & cables plugged into the wall
  • Attaches to the end of any cord to ensure the plug stays firmly inserted into an outlet
  • Great for child safety, power/lawn tools, home appliances, sump pumps, cell phones, medical devices
  • Easy to install, no tools needed, permanently attaches to cord's prongs
  • Can provide a reduction in home insurance premiums when used on critical equipment


LOCK in PLUG keeps cords plugged in!  This is the ONLY product in the market that attaches to power cords to keeps them plugged into outlets!  Everyone has experienced the frustration of a cord becoming unplugged or falling out of a wall.  LOCK in PLUG’s patented technology is a universal solution to ensure power cords stay firmly inserted into an outlet (think child safety, vacuum cleaner, cell phones).  The plug is a simple add-on to any existing power cord. LOCK in PLUG provides peace-of-mind…Imagine your child getting electrocuted by touching a loose plug, extension cords that constantly get pulled from outlets, your basement sump pump is unknowingly unplugged and floods, the refrigerator or outdoor freezer becomes unplugged and food spoils, home medical equipment becoming unplugged while in use, your cell phone charger that is accidently pulled out when you’re lying in bed, the power strip under your desk that is always kicked out of the wall.  There are an endless amount of use cases! LOCK in PLUG works with all two and three prong cords.  The adapter permanently affixes to the existing cord’s prongs, equipping the cord with LOCK in PLUG’s patented click-in technology.  Simply retrofit your current plug with the LOCK in PLUG and you’re ready to enable the outlet locking power.  Once the adapter is plugged into an outlet, just press the side button to disengage the locking mechanism and pull the cord from the wall.  LOCK in PLUG installs in seconds! LOCK in PLUG is compatible with most standard US electrical outlets (there are some compatibility issues with non-standard outlets and older outlets manufact