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INVERTO VIVID HAIR Color Protector Perfector 120gram Prevent Hair Bleaching, Highlighting Coloring Damage From the Start safe for all blondes, vivid, bright & dark colors

Product ID : 20847879

Galleon Product ID 20847879
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Model IVH-120
Shipping Dimension 5 x 2.01 x 1.5 inches
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  • HOW HAIR BLEACHING, HIGHLIGHTING, COLORING DAMAGES YOUR HAIR? it works by going into the hair shaft, reacting with the stable pigment molecules, and breaking them down into components that will wash right out of your hair , Prevent irreversible hair damage now
  • Vivid hair Protector, clearly shows strength, thickness and shine, use it with confidence
  • INVERTO VIVID HAIR COLOR Protector works well with all hair colors(dark or light) and types.
  • INVERTO VIVID HAIR COLOR Protector Prevent Hair Bleaching/Highlighting/Coloring Damage From the Start. UNLIKE OLAPLEX: Olaplex only repairs the hair damage after the hair was damaged. INVERTO VIVID HAIR PROTECTOR prevents it from happening by protecting the hair during the bleaching/coloring process. Vivid Hair unique technology allows the bleaching-coloring process takes place in its entirety without compromising the integrity of the hair fiber, Olaplex works by multiplying-duplicating the lost
  • What to Expect? If you have been bleaching, highlighting & coloring for a long time: Once you start using it rest assure that you are protecting your hair from any further damage you may have caused in past coloring and/or bleaching. You will notice healthier hair, and as your hair will keep growing you will have the hair that you have been missing for a long time. With additional uses you will notice great improvement I the condition of your hair.


vivid hair Protector is composed of uniquely derived silk proteins (fibroin, sericin and seroin) & keratin interlaced by a complex network of polysaccharides derived from linseed. This is due to its unique technology that provides an efficient delivery system, which allows the bleaching process takes place in its entirety without compromising the integrity of the hair fiber. vivid hair Protector protects the cortical regions (macro and microfibrils) and consequently the keratin chains and cuticles, through selective film formation. In order to compare and test the effectiveness of vivid hair Protector, half-head and sample stresses tests were conducted in salons and labs. The results showed rapid and increasing improvement of the hair condition as soon as the first application. While hair condition continues to deteriorate with traditional bleaching and coloring, hair that has been treated with vivid hair Protector, clearly shows strength, thickness and shine. Other benefits were: The hair was protected during the bleaching process The hair's health was maintained and restored The hair strength was improved thicker and stronger hair fibers Improved manageability Increased lightening and shade control