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Sonic Facial Brush, USpicy Electronic Face Brushes For Cleansing With IPX6 Waterproof, Gentle yet Effective Skin Exfoliating Cleansing System for Deep Cleaning

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Galleon Product ID 31469873
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Model 123
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Brand USpicy
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  • 6x Better than your Hands: With a bristle diameter of only 0.05 mm the ultrasonic brush reaches the bottom of your pores and cleans out residue and dirt
  • 18000 Vibrations/Minute: Remove acne causing germs, dead skin cells, and reduce blackheads and fine lines with up to 18000 ultrasonic vibrations per minute
  • Gentle yet Effective: Unlike rotary brushes that can cause damage to your skin, our ultrasonic vibrations will effectively deep cleanse your complexion without pulling on it
  • 2 Speed Settings: The brush comes with a mild setting which vibrates 200 times per second and gives a more gentle cleanse, or an intense mode that deeply cleanses the pores with 300 vibrations per second
  • IPX6 Waterproof Level: Thanks to its waterproofness at the level of IPX6 it is completely safe to get wet so you can take your whole skincare routine with you into the shower


6x Better than your Hands The bristles measure only 0.05 mm in diameter, making them half the size of a normal pore. This allows the ultrasonic brush to reach the bottom of your pores and unclog them. Free your skin from makeup, dirt, and residues and give your skin the deepest cleanse it has experienced yet! 18000 Vibrations/Minute Massage and exfoliate your skin with up to 18000 ultrasonic vibrations per minute. Get rid of dirt, oil, acne causing germs, and dead skin cells while reducing blackheads, whiteheads, fine lines, and wrinkles. Let your complexion breathe again and help it low from the inside. Gentle yet Effective Unlike rotary brushes, our ultrasonic vibration brush won't pull on your skin and friction is kept at a minimum. Give your skin the deep cleanse it is longing for, release it from all the gunk and dirt, and let your beautiful complexion really shine - without damaging it! IPX6 Waterproof Level Take your whole skin routine with you into the shower and don't worry about the ultrasonic brush being damaged from it! Thanks to its waterproofness at the level of IPX6 it is completely safe to get wet and won't stop working in the middle of your shower. 2 Speed Settings For a gentle cleaning effect set the brush to its mild setting and thiswill vibrate 200 times per second, getting rid of impurities and gunk. To remove your makeup and deep cleanse your skin all at once set the brush to its intense mode that provides a total of 300 vibrations per second.