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The Life and Works of John Owen (55-in-1)

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Author John Owen
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Publication Date 2016-04-09
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John Owen (1616-1683) was a famous Puritan preacher and theologian, as well as chaplain to Oliver Cromwell. He was a prolific writer, especially well-known for his works on Christ, the Atonement and the Holy Spirit. Our edition follow's William Goold's famous 17 volume work and combines all his known English works into one collection for your ease of use and reference. (Volume and page number of Goold's work noted in brackets).This fantastic volume includes an Active "Quick Table of Contents" for ease of navigation. -- THE LIFE AND WORKS OF JOHN OWEN (55-in-1) INCLUDES:1. THE LIFE OF DR. OWEN (Goold, Vol 1. xxi)2. CHRISTOLOGIA (Vol 1. 1)3. THE GLORY OF CHRIST (Vol 1. 274)4. THE GLORY OF CHRIST, APPLIED TO SINNERS AND SAINTS (Vol 1. 418)5. TWO SHORT CATECHISMS (Vol 1. 464)6. OF COMMUNION WITH GOD (Goold, Vol 2. 1)7. A VINDICATION OF SOME PASSAGES IN A DISCOURSE CONCERNING COMMUNION WITH GOD (Vol 2. 276)8. VINDICATION OF THE DOCTRINE OF THE TRINITY (Vol 2. 366)9. PNEUMATOLOGIA (Goold, Vol 3. 1)10. THE REASON OF FAITH (Goold, vol 4. 1)11. CAUSES WAYS AND MEANS OF UNDERSTANDING THE MIND OF GOD (vol 4. 118)12. THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN PRAYER (Vol 4. 236)13. A DISCOURSE ON THE HOLY SPIRIT AS A COMFORTER (Vol 4. 352)14. A DISCOURSE OF SPIRITUAL GIFTS (Vol 4. 420)15. DOCTRINE OF JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH (Vol 5. 1)16. THE FAITH OF GOD'S ELECT (Vol 5. 402)17. OF THE MORTIFICATION OF SIN IN BELIEVERS, ETC. (Vol 6. 1)18. OF TEMPTATION (Vol 6. 88)19. INDWELLING SIN IN BELIEVERS (Vol 6. 154)20. A PRACTICAL EXPOSITION UPON PSALM 130 (Vol 6. 324)21. THE NATURE OF APOSTASY (Vol 7.1)22. THE GRACE AND DUTY OF BEING SPIRITUALLY MINDED (Vol 7. 262)23. THE DOMINION OF SIN AND GRACE (Vol 7. 500)24. SERMONS (Vol 8. 1)25. POSTHUMOUS SERMONS (Vol 9. 1)26. SEVERAL PRACTICAL CASES OF CONSCIENCE RESOLVED (Vol 9