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IndianStore4All Bathing Conch Shell/Shankh 3 To 3.3 Inches Approx Non-Blowable White Conch Shell Smuth Polish Shankh

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Galleon Product ID 33823503
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  • 100% ORGINAL Natural Right Hand Dakshinavarti Lakshmi Shankh Rare
  • In Hindu scriptures, Shankhs (Shells) are always considered very sacred and important. They were used before the beginning of war or before starting any new activity. Even nowadays, we can see many pundits using the shank during Pujas. Shanks are significant because of their association with many God and Goddess. In most of the images you can see Gods and Goddess are carrying the Shankh with them.
  • There are very rare and special shanks and one among them is the Dakshinavarti Shank. It has the right hand twists in the bottom and hence the name Dakshinavarti shankh. As per many scriptures, it is said that Goddess Lakshmi resides in Dakshinavarti Shankh, that's why worshipping this shankh means worshipping Goddess Lakshmi herself and she will shower her blessings on the one who worships it. It endows the devotee with abundance of wealth and prosperity.
  • Atharva Veda says it has the power to defeat your Enemy. Apart from Goddess Lakshmi, other deities that are associated with Dakshinavarti Shankh are Lord Vishnu and many gods like Varuna, Agni, Moon and Soma.
  • The size varies from rice grain to that of a coconut. They are kept at Puja place along with Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. It is believed that if you are suffering from poverty and scarcity, then you must keep the Dakshinavarti Shanka at your Puja place or inside your treasury box. Due to its religious significance and rarity, many traders started to market duplicate shells. The original shanks are found in Indian Ocean.


How to Keep Dakshinavarti shankh at Home One must have an original dakshinavarti shankh to get the results one seeks. In order to worship it, you need to place the shank in the plate with mouth of the shell in upward direction and its tip in the east direction. To do the abhishek of the shell by pouring water overt it and chanting the mantra. Repeat the abhishek process by pouring milk, honey and curd one after another. Now do the puja of shell with basil leaves. Use the water from shell to sprinkle on family members, so as to spread the aura and cleanse the impurities. After the Puja you can keep it in Puja place or inside your treasure box. Benefits of Dakshinavarti Shank: It brings the progress, prosperity and abundance of wealth. It keeps the poverty and scarcity out of home. It brings peace, happiness and positivity among the family members. It improves the mental ability and memory of students. It nullifies the malefic effects of planets and also saves you from death threats.