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TEMCo 12 AWG Copper Magnet Wire - 4 oz 12 ft 155°C Magnetic Coil Red

Product ID : 35118984

Galleon Product ID 35118984
UPC / ISBN 701160901335
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Manufacturer Temco
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  • Average Wire Diameter (in.): 0.0842 (with insulation), 0.0808 (no insulation)
  • Double (Heavy) Build enamel, Polyurethane base coat, Polyamide overcoat.
  • Shape: Solid Round Copper (99.9% pure). NOTE: Both ends of wire are accessible.
  • Approvals: NEMA MW 80-C, IEC Designation (60317-21), UL Recognized (File: E32638)
  • Applications include but not limited to: Appliance motors, relays, timer and clock coils, encapsulated coils, arts & crafts.


Soderon® combines the magnet wire insulation characteristics of polyurethane with the advantages of a polyamide (nylon) topcoat. With the nylon, Soderon® is still readily solderable, yet the solvent resistance and thermal stability of the insulation is excellent. In addition, the nylon improves windability and tolerates more severe winding operations. Soderon® is an excellent choice for automatic winding machines.