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Digital Display Auto Glue Dispenser Solder Paste Liquid Controller Dropper YDL-983A

Product ID : 37785481

Galleon Product ID 37785481
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Manufacturer NOPTEG
Shipping Dimension 10.24 x 8.66 x 5.91 inches
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  • ✔Professional Precise glue dispenser YDL-983A adopts the latest digital control system,assure timing output consistently.
  • ✔Dispensing type: Free to set 16 kinds of ways, with dispensing time display.Automatic Timing dispensing: 00.01S-99.99S.Manual timing dispensing: Can dispensing coating, lineation continuously.
  • ✔More humanized function, simpler operation, easier coating, lineation and drop, highlight high-quality products,improve production efficiency.
  • ✔This machine can be used on different occasions for long time, service life could be more than 10 years.
  • ✔It's widely used on electronics, aviation, optics, Chemistry, automobile, Medical treatment,petroleum, Packaging,Jewelry and machinery industry.


✔Our products are shipped from US warehouses.  ✔If you have any questions, please contact us. We will help you to solve it. If not, we will accept your return or refund. Technical parameters: 1. Dispensing type: Free to set 16 kinds of ways, with dispensing time display. 2. Automatic Timing dispensing: 00.01S-99.99S. 3. Manual timing dispensing: Can dispensing coating, lineation continuously. 4. Minimum dispensing: 0.0001 ml. 5. Dispensing time interval: 0.1-9.9S(automatic timing function). 6. Input voltage: 110V±10% 60 Hz. 7. Internal voltage: 12V DC/ 24V DC. 8. Input air pressure: 10-100pSi. 9. Output air pressure: 1-80pSi. 10. Overall dimension: 235*225*63mm. 11. Net Weight: 2.2 Kg. How to use: 1. Power Switch: putdown light on shows "On", light off shows "Off". 2. Dispensing time display: Display setting time. 3. Input air pressure pressure governor: First pull out, Reversal is lower pressure,veering is the higher pressure. 4. Barometer: display range: 0-100pSi. 5. Vacuum control unit: Reversal is Vacuum pumpback high, veering is the Vacuum pumpback low. 6. Testing button: During testing, it can replace the foot switch. 7. Dispensing time dial code button: Display setting time, adopts add andsubtract way 00.01S-99.99S. 8. time interval setting dial code button: Display setting time, adopts add and subtract way 0.1S-9.9S. 9. Dispensing output interface: Connect to dispensing needle cylinder. 10. Air pressure input interface: Connect to clean high pressure source. 11. Dispensing way: 16 kinds of free way. 12. The foot controller interface: Connect to foot switch. 13. Power input socket. 14. Fuse holder.