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The Living Oceans

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Galleon Product ID 39115531
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Plunge into the fascinating underwater world of active volcanoes, deep-sea peaks, cavernous trenches, and the longest mountain ridges on Earth. Observe how colorful and complex marine species survive and flourish in the deep. With documentary footage, detailed computer graphics, colorful video clips, Web links, and commentary from leading oceanographers, The Living Oceans four CD-ROM deluxe collection is a content-rich, educational resource for the entire family. Investigate the history of sea exploration, ocean topography, hydrothermal vents, an awe-inspiring abyss, and more. This easy-to-use and interactive set delivers a comprehensive and visually stimulating oceanographic reference collection to your desktop, including Our Living Oceans, Our Living Oceans Junior for kids, Oceans from Discovery Channel School, and the Great Barrier Reef screen saver from award-winning marine photographer Bill Wood. You'll learn how oceans affect our weather patterns and provide essential food, minerals, and medicines. Dive into the deep sea and explore bottom feeders, sponges, and other fascinating marine life. Uncover the hazards of underwater diving, and see the technology used to descend more than 13,000 feet. Kids learn how to classify marine life by their common characteristics, and how to place them in their correct habitats. Enjoy interactive games, exciting videos, colorful photographs, and comic strips that explain environments in a format that helps kids develop analytical skills while having fun.