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YUCHENGTECH Halogen Beam Heater Burner Syphon Coffee Heater Beam Heater for Coffee Syphon (110V(Host))

Product ID : 40948653

Galleon Product ID 40948653
Shipping Weight 5.3 lbs
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Manufacturer YUCHENGTECH
Shipping Dimension 11.5 x 10.31 x 8.5 inches
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  • 1.This product has no radiation, no open flame and no smoke. It is suitable for coffee shop, hotel kitchen and household coffee drinks.
  • 2.Stable constant temperature, 400W halogen lamp can maintain a constant temperature after heating, avoiding excessive extraction due to high temperature, causing bitterness of coffee to affect the taste.
  • 3.High borosilicate heat resistant glass spot cup and halogen lamp design, better thermal efficiency.
  • 4.Five gears are adjustable. Each gear has a temperature setting value. When the automatic setting value is reached, the power will be cut off automatically, and when the temperature is less than the setting value, the power will be turned on automatically.
  • 5.Microcrystalline panel, heat-resistant up to 750 C, explosion-proof, safe and beautiful.


Usually the product will be sent in 1-4 working days and takes about 2--7 business days to reach you. Product Introduction Light wave furnace features Halogen lamp tube converts 85% electric power into infrared heat energy, and then through quartz glass placed above the lamp tube, achieves the effect of high efficiency heat collection. Safe and no open flame, use the simplest system to achieve high efficiency heating, so that the heat source is stable and only effective for the heating material, not affected by the surrounding environment. Light wave stove fire can be adjusted freely, boiled water temperature control at 89-91℃, can avoid the water temperature is too high and have a case of excessive extraction, avoid a bitter taste. Usage: 1.Place hot water in the lower seat of the siphon pot and proper amount of ground coffee powder in the upper seat. 2. Turn on the switch and turn to MAX to boil the hot water. 3. After the hot water is boiled, it will automatically flow into the upper seat from the lower seat. At this time, the coffee cooking time can be determined according to personal habits (usually about 45-60 seconds after the water is all gone up), then turn off the power and remove the siphon pot and wait. The brewed coffee naturally flows into the lower seat. 4. If you need to keep warm, please put it back in place and adjust the switch to the appropriate temperature. Parameters: Rated voltage: 110V Rated power: 400W Heating plate diameter: 130mm Weight: 2kg Product function: syphon pot heating Applicable people: coffee lovers Safety Warning: When heated, the glass surface is hot. Do not touch the bottom of the lamp holder directly with your hands.