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A Fire-Fighter's Struggle with Diabetic Foot Ulcers -- You CAN Win This War: A state-trained EMT discusses practical solutions to foot ulcers. Don't wait until it's too late

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I was an EMT, trained by the state of Idaho as a Smoke Jumper in fighting forest fires. As such we concentrated on three things: Burns, tracheostomies (tracheotomies), and foot injuries, since the inability to walk may well cost a worker his/her life as a fire line approaches, Even healthy feet are subject to foot ulcers, but in diabetics the problem is compounded and healing may be difficult. The smallest foot ulcer can cause you to lose your foot, your leg, or your life. Diabetic foot ulcers are nasty, and tenacious, and seemingly almost impossible to cure in many cases. Amputation is just around the corner if you don't act quickly and aggressively. A diabetic foot ulcer isn't cancer, but it must be thought of in that way in order to get ahead of it and stay ahead of it. Do the doctors really know what they're talking about when they set out to cure your foot ulcer? Mine didn't. I had to learn by trial and error, on my own, from the jungles of SE Asia where little or no meaningful medical help was available. I'm not a doctor and I am offering only my experiences and opinions, but I was able to cure two infected foot ulcers with virtually no medical help, not by using crazy new-age nonsense, but by observing what worked and what didn't, and applying common sense and logic. Maybe this booklet won't help you at all. Or maybe it will save your foot or your leg. Maybe even your life. This text will help you avoid foot ulcers in the first place, and maybe cure one you already struggle with. This is my own story.