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Induction Heating Bolt Remover Tool - Handheld Bolt Buster Gun, Induction Bolt Heater Tool Kit

Product ID : 41292216

Galleon Product ID 41292216
UPC / ISBN 889251181542
Shipping Weight 6.4 lbs
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Model HBR110
Manufacturer WOYO
Shipping Dimension 17.32 x 13.39 x 4.49 inches
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  • * EASY TO USE just plug in and use the tool on stubborn rusted bolts until they get cherry red hot.
  • * GREAT THING TO HAVE an induction bolt heater in your tool box, takes all the fight out of the job.
  • * SAFER AND CLEANER by replacing torches, it greatly reduces the risk of accidents and potential damage.
  • * GREAT TOOL for many situations, there are always rusted nuts and bolts on older machinery, equipment you are trying to repair. Stop breaking good tools trying to break free bolts.
  • * PURCHASE GUARANTEE please contact us to return or refund within 30 days if the products get any defects or damages when you receive it, or the goods is damaged or unusable due to quality problems during use.


Why Choose the WOYO HBR: Every technician knows that in the repairing process the removal of the seized nuts and bolts can be time consuming work . The traditional way is to use a torche but open flame can be dangerous. With the WOYO heating bolt remover, with flameless heating, you can quickly and easily perform damage free parts removals. Features: - Easy to use, you will need only 3 minutes to master - Green, Safety, Flameless - It is equipped with two LED lights for narrow and dark spaces - It will not damage the bolt or the material around the equipment. - It is a flameless tool that can quickly and easily loosen rusted bolts. - More coils are available. Each line is suitable for the size of different types of bolts. - You will need 60 seconds to reach 400°C Specification Model: HBR012 / HBR110 Input voltage: 12V / 110V 50/60Hz Input current: 40A / 7A Output power: 500W / 500-900W Output voltage: 40V / 45V Output current: 120A / 180A Packing List: Screw*2 User Manual*1 Woyo HBR Mainset*1 1m Flexible Soft Coil*1 bore diameter 18mm coil*1 bore diameter 22mm coil*1 bore diameter 28mm coil*1