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Viverli Himalayan Pink Salt, 2lbs. Extra-Fine Grain, Unrefined Salt from an Ancient Sea, Gluten Free, Easy Pour Pouch

Product ID : 41437870

Galleon Product ID 41437870
Shipping Weight 2.05 lbs
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Manufacturer Viverli
Shipping Dimension 8.19 x 5.16 x 1.5 inches
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  • SUPERIOR FLAVOR - The leading natural salt brand challenges you to first try their salt, then try any other salt. Well, we accept the challenge! And the difference will indeed amaze you! A recent blind taste test revealed 3 out of 4 people actually prefer the flavor of Viverli Himalayan Pink Salt.
  • NATURAL & HEALTHY - Unrefined salt from an ancient sea that contains 84 natural trace minerals essential to health including calcium, magnesium potassium, copper, and iron. No Additives. No Anti-caking agents like calcium silicate. No dextrose.
  • SINGLE SOURCE - Other Himalayan brand salts come from multiple sources. Ours comes from one family owned mine committed to producing the highest quality salt using ethical labor standards.
  • CLEAN - Mix a teaspoon of Viverli brand Himalayan salt in a clear glass of water and do the same with a teaspoon of any other Himalayan brand or American Pink and Black salt and place both glasses side by side. You'll see that Viverli's Himalayan Pink Salt has far less GRIT! Keep the sand on the real beach where it belongs - not in the salt on your food!
  • BEAUTIFUL - Viverli's Himalayan pink salt is pleasing to the eye and perfect for seasoning everything from meats and fish to vegetables and baking. It's also great in the bath!


Viverli means to live free! We choose freedom in all aspects of life including freedom from nasty chemicals, big (and not-so big) corporate agendas and philosophies, and freedom from refined salt and additives like anti-caking agents. Today the Himalayan mountain range has many of the earth's highest peaks, including the highest, Mount Everest. However, anciently, a pristine ocean covered much of this area. Over time this ancient ocean evaporated, leaving vast deposits of beautiful pink salt behind. Our partner's harvest this ancient pink salt and bring it to you in its natural unrefined state. The result is a salt that is beautiful to the eye and has amazing flavor. Even though this salt contains trace amounts of natural iodine, because we do not add any additional iodine federal regulations require us to say that "This salt does not supply iodide, a necessary nutrient."