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Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) pre-Trained Magic Muscle Wire (0.5mm (0.02"), 40°C (104°F), 10)

Product ID : 41864965

Galleon Product ID 41864965
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Manufacturer Nexmetal
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  • Select wire length in feet - "Number of Items" means # of FEET (1 = 1 foot (31 cm), 10 = 10 feet (3+ meters), etc.). All wires ship uncut as one long section. You can cut the wire with a good pair of snips or pliers.
  • Select your desired thickness (diameter). Available in 0.5mm, 1mm and very thick 2mm. The 0.5mm is perfect for small robotic actuators. The 1mm wire is good for demonstrations and can lift several pounds (if employing linear stretch). The 2mm wire can do some damage. It will jump out of a cup of hot water and even break glass beakers in the process.
  • If you are new to nitinol, the recommended wire to get is the 40°C and 80°C wires. The 40° will move with very little heat and is a pleasure to play with. The 80° wire can be activated with a small flame or a hair dryer, and unlike the 40, it is very soft and malleable at room temperature.
  • You can select -10°C (superelastic) wire for no memory at room temperature. This wire doesn't move/change shape unless you refrigerate it. It is incredibly bendable and returns to its original shape without damage.
  • Available in 15°, 30, 40, 60, and 80°C transition phases - try them all


Nitinol Shape Memory Wire (the magic kind) is soft and malleable when cold, and springs into action when heated - taking on a new shape (straight if you don't re-train it) - with substantial force! Use our master selector to choose the thickness, the length (in feet), and the activation temperature of the wire.