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Luffy Catappa Leaf Clip, 4x2 Inches, Veggie or Catappa Leaf Holder, Secure, Removable Suction Cup Base with Clear Clamp, for Betta, Goldfish, Guppy, Shrimp and Freshwater Fish, 1 Piece

Product ID : 41888311
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Galleon Product ID 41888311
UPC / ISBN 688977510373
Shipping Weight 0.08 lbs
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Manufacturer Luffy
Shipping Dimension 6.73 x 4.21 x 1.85 inches
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  • ✔ REMOVE AND REPLACE LEAVES IN SECONDS --- Many fish owners and aquarium enthusiasts are aware of the incredible benefits of catappa leaves. Most of them simply toss the leaves into the tank, wait for the nutrients to deplete and then struggle to remove the debris. With the super convenient SunGrow Catappa Leaf Clip, you can remove and replace leaves in seconds.
  • ✔ HELPS PROMOTE HEALTHY, HAPPY FISH --- Adding catappa leaves to your aquarium provides your pet fish with healing minerals, protective shelter and a delicious dietary supplement. These nutritional wonders add beneficial tannins to your water which naturally lowers the pH levels promoting healthier and happier aquatic pets.
  • ✔ MAKES FEEDING TREATS EASIER AND DRIER --- Just like the clear holder makes changing leaves easier, it also makes feeding simpler and keeps you drier! Shrimp, betta and other fish love to nibble on treats such as catappa leaves, dried seaweed and dehydrated vegetable pieces. Now you can feed your pets any of these treats and remove the leftovers without getting your arm or clothing wet.
  • ✔ COMPACT, DISCREET 4" X 2" SIZE --- For minimal distraction from your beautiful underwater environment, the practical leaf clip is compact in size and discreet in color. The black base and transparent clamp only takes up 4" x 2" of space and securely attaches to the wall of your aquarium or fish tank using a reliable suction cup.
  • ✔ MULTIPLE PURPOSES OUTSIDE OF THE TANK --- Not only is the suction cup clamp very useful inside of your aquarium, there are also many uses outside of the tank. At home, suction the cup to your fridge and clip notes for family members. In the office, use it to hang your daily "to-do list". At school, teachers can use these practical holders to display student artwork.


Best Way to Benefit from Catappa Leaf The amazing benefits of catappa leaves range from providing complex essential nutrients to simply being a healthy and delicious treat for your pets. As a dietary supplement, indian almond leaves offer a balanced mix of protein and healthy bacteria that aids in building your aquatic pet's immune system. Catappa leaves are full of tannins which they release into the aquarium water and naturally lower the pH levels. When the water begins to turn a light brown color, then you know the leaves are doing their job. Key Selling Points: Compact 4" x 2" size Removable suction cup back Clip holds catappa leaves, seaweed and veggies Useful holder for papers, notes and artwork Simple to Use Again and Again As catappa leaves and other foliage begin to absorb water, they will sink to the bottom of your tank. Once the leaves have released their beneficial nutrients into the water and disintegrated, it is time to remove the leftover debris. Instead of dropping the leaves into your tank, use the helpful SunGrow Aquarium Clip to quickly and easily reach them. A strong and secure suction cup attaches directly to your smooth aquarium walls and can be removed and relocated in seconds. Simply clamp the catappa leaf into the clear clip, insert into your tank and secure to the wall. Provide Shelter and Encourage Breeding When fish and shrimp are breeding, they need a little privacy. Adding a few of the compact holders with leaves create a perfect sheltered environment where your aquatic pets feel comfortable to breed. Hanging leaves at varying heights and on multiple walls is a great way to entertain your fish with a dynamic habitat to swim in. Because different species require specific pH levels to breed and be active, the SunGrow Catappa Leaf Clip makes it easy to make adjustments by quickly adding or removing leaves.