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BibBoards SNAP & Lock for Event/Race Bibs Pinless Race/Event Bib Number Fasteners (Safety Pin Replacement) (I Run to Burn The Crazy Off)

Product ID : 41924593

Galleon Product ID 41924593
UPC / ISBN 752830855588
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Manufacturer BibBoards
Shipping Dimension 4.92 x 2.95 x 0.16 inches
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  • RECYCLABLE MADE FROM STRONG NYLON ----NOT Magnets may demagnetize your timing chip
  • Fun and straight forward safety pin replacements. Quicker and easier than safety pins.
  • Eliminate the danger of getting hurt by the sharp pin spear, Does not damage standard athletic fabrics.
  • Snap & Lock design is the safest alternative for dangerous safety pins
  • Will NOT chafe or irritate the skin, Watch HOW TO VIDEO?


BibBoards have a flat surface on the exposed side with your desired design. A second piece works by pushing part of a racer's shirt into a recess, providing a secure fit.When the race is over, they pop off. BibBoards can be reused, and their special shape holds down a bib just as securely as safety pins, without the fuss.BibBoards will not make a hole in your top.Prepare The Racing BibIf the bib does not have holes, make holes or slits 1 inch from the corners with a pointed object e.g., a pen tip or a knife.To Secure Bib On A Racing Shirt Before Wearing ItPosition the bib over the racing shirt on a flat surface.Put the face stud through the bib hole and align with the back clip. Just push and click!To Secure Bib On A Racing Shirt While Wearing ItStarting with the top right hole in the bib, place the face stud through the hole/slit.Bring bib up to your shirt and place with the face stud on top (keep BibBoards away from nipples).Breath in to expand the material of shirt.Align back clip with each face stud and push until it clicks and locks.Check your BibBoards are secure by pulling on each face stud.To Remove BibBoardsRemove shirt and turn inside out.Pry the back clip up from the flat edge first.Repeat for other BibBoards