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Fdit Air Conditioning Four-Way Reversing Valve Copper Refrigeration Service Maintenance Accessory (1P)

Product ID : 41940163

Galleon Product ID 41940163
UPC / ISBN 787015529466
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Manufacturer Fdit
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  • ❆Reliable operation under low pressure difference, and it has low pressure drop and internal leakage
  • ❆The electromagnetic coil is made of thermosetting plastic, water resistance, lightning resistance and excellent insulation performance
  • ❆More energy-saving, low temperature rise, low noise and good anti-vibration performance
  • ❆Excellent sealing performance, high energy efficiency, light weight, good vibration resistance and environmental protection
  • ❆It is used in heat pump type systems such as central, unit and room air conditioners to convert the refrigeration system and the heating system by switching the flow path of the refrigerant


Specification: Condition: 100% Brand New Material: Copper Use: From 1 to 120 ton of refrigeration, a wide range of use Applicable Refrigerant: R22, R407C, R404A, R410A, etc. Applicable Medium temperature: -30℃~+120℃ Applicable Ambient Temperature: -25℃~+70℃ Relative humidity: 95% RH or less Certification: UL, VDE, PED Type: 1P, 1.5P-2P (optional) Package list: 1 * Air Conditioning Four-way Valve Note: 1. Before replacing the four-way valve, use a plastic plug to block the four nozzles to prevent impurities from entering the four-way valve. Before welding, check the position of the four-way valve slider inside the main valve body of the four-way valve, which should be on the left when normal.  2. The coil of the priority valve must be removed before desoldering the four-way valve to avoid burning the coil during the welding process. 3. Before desoldering the four-way valve, the four-way valve must be wrapped with a damp cloth and the four-way valve assembly should be welded. Pay attention to the direction of the flame when welding, and do not allow the flame to heat the valve body. 4. Immerse the four-way valve assembly in water for replacement.  5. When installing the four-way valve assembly, the four-way valve must be wrapped with a damp cloth, and the direction of the welding flame should be noted, and the flame should not be heated against the valve body. 6. When replacing the four-way valve, in order to ensure the welding quality of the copper pipe, silver-containing brazing filler metal should be used as much as possible. If there is no silver-containing brazing filler metal, copper-phosphorus brazing filler metal and fluxing agent can be used for welding.