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Empath: Simple and Effective Strategies to Become a Good and Effective Empath

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The world of the empath is often seen as nebulous and unattainable. They may be seen as living in their own spiritual existence that is largely incompatible with the physical, material world that we actually inhabit. And things like auras can be completely baffling. This audiobook will help de-mystify some of the aspects of an empath's world so that you can concretely understand what is actually going on. It begins by explaining the id, the ego, and the superego. These aspects of the personality were originally proposed by Sigmund Freud, and while modern psychology has debunked much of what he believed about them, there is still much to learn about how they affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. From there, it explains some of the science behind auras, including the electromagnetic spectrum and biological changes that can cause our bodies to vibrate at different frequencies. It explains how you can learn to see them and even interpret what they mean. From auras, it segues into discussing a certain group of people who are defined by the indigo color of their auras: indigo children. Indigo children have unique characteristics and gifts, and they are empaths by nature. However, saying that you are an indigo child is not enough. In fact, many of the traits of indigo children are actually connected to the ego and manifest in ways that can appear to be very selfish. In order to grow, indigo children need to learn to live from their superegos and balance the needs of other people with their own needs. Indigo children have to work hard to grow and mature so that they can fully realize their potential as empaths who can help heal the world. The final chapter of this book gives some tips for interacting with indigo children, with practical advice for indigo children themselves and for those who are trying to communicate with them. If you want to keep learning about what being an empath means and how you can grow as one, then th