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Forgun Hard Case Large Box Bag Pouch for Beats Dre Detox Pro Over Studio 2.0 Headphons

Product ID : 42057299

Galleon Product ID 42057299
UPC / ISBN 719332373958
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Manufacturer Forgun
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  • ❤Color:Multi-colored Size: 6cm x 1.2cm
  • ❤Quantity:40 Sticks (multi-colored 1040 ties)
  • ❤Medical grade polyurethane,latex free safe for sensitive patients
  • ❤Superior Color Stability,Fade resistant,high elasticity and excellent rebound.
  • ❤Product Name:Elastomeric Ligature Ties,Use:For Dental Orthodontics treatment


Color:Multi-colored100% brand new and high qualitySpecifications:Use:For Dental Orthodontics treatmentProduct Name:Elastomeric Ligature TiesQuantity:40 Sticks (multi-colored 1040 ties)Fade resistantSuperior Color StabilityWhat Colors Do Braces Come In? -Elastomeric Ligature TiesA part of orthodontic treatment that is exciting for patients is the colors of their braces. Braces come in a variety of colors from clearMedical grade polyurethaneHigh elasticity and excellent reboundLatex free safe for sensitive patientsthat is on the toothwhen a patient comes in for treatmenthas a slot and wings. The wire goes through the slot. Then the elastic tie goes over the wire and is secured by the wings of the bracket. The elastic tie holds the wire in place. Thereforepastel to bold. All the colors of the rainbow can be placed on your braces. -The part of braces that comes in different colors is theelastic ligature tie. Some people call them elastomeric tiesor just ties. -An Orthodontic BracketThe bracketall of the elastic ties are removed and replaced. That means you can have different colors on your brackets every month. -Patients are very creative in how the colors are used. The majority will have two colors that alternate from one tooth to the next. Some will just have one color and then some patients will have a rainbow of colors. Each tooth will have a different color.How are the Elastic Ties Removed and Placed? -When you come in for your visitan assistant will seat you and then use a scaler to remove all your elastic ties. Then the orthodontist will decide if bends need to be placed in your existing wire or if the wire needs to be changed. Once all the changes are madethe elastic ties are placed back with a hemostat. It's just that simple.size: 6cm x 1.2cm