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Pegas Swiss Made Reverse Skip Sawblades 5" Pack of 12# 9r

Product ID : 42065548

Galleon Product ID 42065548
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Model 90.431
Manufacturer Pégas
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  • For complete description, scroll down. MADE IN SWITZERLAND
  • Testimonial for our asin B01AK6C8Q2: "I was blown away by the strength, durability and sharpness of these blades. I've been using Olson spirals for years. These Pegas are my new blades from now on."
  • The Chart on the left of the blade picture is a BASE for people who wants to begin scrolling and don't know which blade to select for their project, based on the wood type to cut [1], the thickness of it [2], the pattern [3], the expected finish [4] or the hole size to drill for inside cuts [5].With the experience, the scroller will have their own preferences, which maybe different from our recommendations.
  • Experienced scrollers will want some more technical information, such as blade dimensions or as the trace each blade will produce. This will help to find the best blade to complete a specific project. We wish you great pleasure with the Pegas blades and invite you to share with us your comments.


Best with soft wood and plywood. Manufactured at Grobet's factory, Scies Miniatures, in Vallorbe, Switzerland. These blades have the same basic tooth geometry as skip blades except that a limited number of reverse teeth have been added to the bottom of the blade. Reverse teeth prevent splinters from developing on the underside of the work piece because the top teeth do not cut entirely through the work. All operating parameters are the same as other blades. .013" thick, .035" width, plain end, 13/7r teeth per inch. 12 blades per package. To save $$$$$ check out our pricing for being sold by the gross (bulk).