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Vincent Audio SV 500 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier - Silver

Product ID : 42089466
5 out of 5 stars

Galleon Product ID 42089466
Shipping Weight 28.92 lbs
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Model SV-500 G
Manufacturer VINCENT
Shipping Dimension 20.47 x 20.24 x 9.45 inches
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  • Same tube circuit as the Vincent SV-237
  • Front panel headphone output
  • Preamp output makes it a tube preamp
  • Inputs: 4 x Stereo RCA, 1 x Optical, 1 x Coax
  • Outputs: 1 x Stereo Rec Out, 1 x Stereo Pre Out, 2 x 3.5mm Jack (Power control), 1 x pair of speaker


Audiophiles all over the world love the sound of vacuum tubes. That's why the German manufacturer Vincent Audio puts tubes in as many of its products as possible. The main trouble with tubes, however, is that big high-output power tubes can fail when they are stressed. That's why Vincent Audio has created a special class of amplifiers called "hybrids." They use vacuum tubes where they do the most good - in the preamp stages - and solid state devices for power output to the speakers. Many audiophiles around the world have found this combination of vacuum tube and solid state to be a marriage made in heaven. Vincent Audio's smart audio engineering doesn't stop with the vacuum tubes. Vincent's German engineering team has invested thousands of hours to design extremely robust power supplies. The amp's power supply is critical to its performance. For one thing, an extremely reliable power supply means the amp will operate at peak efficiency for many years without failing. A second reason is the bass response. Most less expensive amps can't delivery great bass simply because they have weak power supplies. Vincent's amps, however, are famous for powerful, deep, and plentiful bass - even at low volume levels. A trick? No, it's all about science and engineering. Vincent invests in good circuit design, including a large power transformer, high-grade filter caps, and more. Pick up the amp and you'll find it's pretty hefty. Plug it in and listen. You'll be amazed at the rock solid foundation you hear on all type of music. The Vincent SV-500 is a full featured stereo integrated amp offering six inputs - four analog and two digital. The digital inputs connect to a DAC that is specially built for excellent sound with CD players. Conservatively rated at 50WRMS into 8 ohms, we find the SV-500 seems to deliver far more power than advertised thanks to its robust power supply. From its ease with all kinds of musical material, you'll swear you're listening to a much larger amp.