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Fat Plants San Diego Live Echeveria Succulent Plant in Pot (4 inch, agavoides)

Product ID : 42117631

Galleon Product ID 42117631
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Manufacturer Fat Plants San Diego
Shipping Dimension 5 x 5 x 5 inches
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  • Fully rooted living succulent plant in a plastic growers pot with soil. Available in 2 and 4 inch standard growers planters.
  • Fat Plants is a California licensed grower and retail nursery.
  • See product description for more information on plant species


Green rosette succulent with red edges. Bright orange flowers. This echeveria is happiest in medium intesity light and does not do well in full, direct sunlight. Echeveria agavoides does well indoors but red edges will fade to green if it does not get enough light. This is another large echeveria, it can grow to over 12 inches in diameter if given proper care and the room to do so. Easy to propagate by leaf or offsets. Water less than you are urged to do with this live plant. Never water a succulent that has wet soil as root rot is one of the main killers of succulent plants. A succulent will not recover from too much water as opposed to one that is not getting enough water. Many succulents can survive for long periods of time without water. This echeveria is very tasty to mealey bugs, use of neem oil will cure most cases.