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MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X - Premium Edition - Electronic Earmuff with black leather band, black cups and gel seals fitted

Product ID : 6462155
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Galleon Product ID 6462155
Shipping Weight 1.07 lbs
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Model SOR75302-X/L-02-G
Manufacturer MSA Sordin
Shipping Dimension 7.8 x 6.18 x 3.82 inches
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Brand MSA Sordin
Color Black
Package Quantity 1
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Before ₱ 22,946

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  • Equipped with MSA Sordin Supreme GEL Comfort Earseals
  • MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X - US Military grade earwear
  • Dampens harmful noise to 82dB. Amplifies safe noise 4 times
  • Foldable and slim design of cups suitable for both left and right-handed shooters
  • Very low battery consumption: 600 hours of battery life


MSA Sordin Supreme PRO X - US Military Grade Earwear Special Edition - black cups with fitted gel seals Sordin Supreme PRO X is developed to conform to international military specifications and other extreme conditions. These headsets produce excellent digital sound reproduction. With the MSA Supreme PRO X you can now communicate with friends and coworkers when out shooting, in the workplace, or at a race when surrounded by continuous loud noise. Superb sound quality and high amplification allows you hear better when wearing our hearing protection without letting in any harmful noise. Peak sounds are compressed to a level of 82 dB and quieter sounds are not dampened. You will have perfect situational hearing without any distracting noise. All moving components are made from steel and the circuit boards, microphones, and battery compartment are water proofed allowing for use in the most rugged of situations. The slim neckband provides great comfort even when wearing a helmet. Two separate microphones are included to reproduce ambient sounds. Within the headset is an aux input for connection to external radios and other electronic devices. The built-in electronics make it possible to combine very low battery consumption with high performance for over 600 hours of battery life. A compact three button keypad grants control of all electronic functions. A low power mode and low battery warning system is provided. Two AAA batteries are required and are included.