Diffuser Bracelet w/7 Chakra Lava Stones-Mens Womens Genuine Yoga Bracelet For Healing, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Natural, Essential Oils, Self Confidence, Love FREE AROMATHERAPY BOOK (Heart)

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About Diffuser Bracelet W/7 Chakra Lava Stones-Mens

Kilem Kollectibles diffuser jewelry is a modern fashion jewelry accessory with great aromatherapy benefits. Each bracelet features authentic basaltic lava stones that instantly diffuse any essential oils when applied. Infuse the Lava rock with your favorite essential oil to enjoy the therapeutic benefits throughout the day. BENEFITS OF EACH SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES RED AGATE - Cleanses the aura & balances the solar plexus chakra, physical & intellectual energy. Kindle positive emotional energies while placating stress and anxiety. AMBER - Electrifies and attracts love and its energies, boosts recovery time and normalize the Sacral Chakra while guarding against negative energy. TIGER'S EYE - Controls the Solar Plexus Chakra with heightened courage, integrity, metabolism and promotes sharper inner vision. GREEN KING STONE - Regulates the Heart Chakra, cleanses & strengthens the nervous system. Encourages an attitude of gratitude, relieves fatigue & exhaustion & quiets the inner mind. TURQUOISE - Regarded as the "Master Healer" stone that heals spiritual injury, mental strife, and past trauma while regulating the Throat Chakra and Promoting better communication skill and wisdom. Helps to resolve hostilities, & arguments. LAZURITE - Promotes consciousness and meditation with ease of expression, while regulating the Third Eye Chakra. Clears the mind. AMETHYST - Aids insight, psychic powers, meditation and lucid dreaming while taking charge of your Crown Chakra with stabilized emotional state. LAVA STONE - Regarded as a strong protection stone and excellent for extracting negativity while magnetizing love and positive energy. Included with our aromatherapy beads is a FREE essential oil blending guidebook. Use it to try different blends of oils for your different moods. A $5 value, FREE with every purchase.