Fotga DP500III 4x4 DSLR Swing-Away Matte Box w/Donuts for 15mm Rail Rod System for Sony A7 A7R A7S II III A9 A6300 A6500 GH5/5S Canon 5D 6D 7D II III IV D850 BMPCC 4K 6K DSLR Video Cinema Camera

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About Fotga DP500III 4x4 DSLR Swing-Away Matte Box

Description: The new publised FOTGA D500 Mark III Matte box is a professional device universally designed to accommodate all DSLR's and camcorders and it compatible with any industry standard 15mm rail system. The matte box gives provides the user full lighting control and prevents glare and lens flare with its foldable french flags and adjustable side wings. It features precision engineered Swing-Away mechanism for quick lens changes. It also provides a means of using filters and one of the 360 degrees rotating filter trays and much more! With competitive price, this matte box will be your optimal selection. It will greatly facilitate your digital life. Advanced Features: Unlike traditional side tightening mode, the new clamped-in flag locking mechanism is easier to use and stronger to the fixed effect of flags. The side flags is used insert design to fix, fast and stable. Stainless steel adjustable damping knobs on the rotation shaft of the top flag, side flags and swing-away module, which can be adjusted to meet the different usage habits. A set of 6 “donut” rings are included. (Size at 104mm,98mm,88mm,84mm,76mm,64mm ). By fitting one of these rings, light from the rear of the matte box can be blocked out, leaving only the camera lens protruding through. Donuts are slightly flexible, and the 6 sizes range to fit almost any lens diameter. 2 Dual-purpose filter trays, supporting 4x4" square filter in thickness from 1mm to 4mm. (One of the trays is up-down adjustable, the other allow rotating 360 degrees) Sunshade Board Sheet (16:9). Easily to be installed and taken along with. Package Including: 1x FOTGA DP500 MARK III Matte Box 1x Top Flag 2x Side Flags 1x Swing-away mechanism 1x Sunshade Board (16:9) 6 x Donuts (104mm,98mm,88mm,84mm,76mm,64mm) 2x 4x4" Filter Holder 1x Lens connection soft cloth