Hard Rhino Chlorella Broken Cell Powder, 500 Grams (1.1 Lbs), Unflavored, Lab-Tested, Scoop Included

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About Hard Rhino Chlorella Broken Cell Powder, 500 Grams

Hard Rhino Chlorella (unflavored) is a pure form powder with no excipients or fillers, available in multiple sizes. According to the fossil record, Chlorella may be one of the most ancient forms of life on the planet. Because it is dense in chlorophyll, Chlorella powder may be one of the most effective medicinal herbs available as well. Studies show Chlorella powder can help support healthy cardiovasular functions and reduce fatigue with the promotion of assiting tissue repair. The health benefits of Chlorella pyrenoidosa's primary ingredient - chlorophyll - have been well established. Found in virtually all organic bulk herbs derived from the leaves and stems of green plants, chlorophyll is literally the "blood" of the plant, and similar in chemical structure to human blood. The main difference is that while human hemoglobin is based on iron, the chlorophyll found in natural herbs like Chlorella pyrenoidosa is based on magnesium. As such, Chlorella powder is capable of increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain, and at the very least is an effective breath freshener and deodorizer. Our Chlorella is grown using a patented closed-tank cultivation method made in South Korea using the vulgaris species of Chlorella. Improving absorption during consumption, increasing quality of algae, and reducing external contaminants from traditional open-pool growing of Chlorella.