Herbsmith Support Immunity - Canine and Feline Immune Support - Helps Maintain Respiratory Health for Dogs and Cats - Natural Immune System Support - 150g Powder

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About Herbsmith Support Immunity - Canine And Feline

Support Immunity is an all-natural immune support booster for dogs and cats that balances the body’s systems and aids the detoxification process. By enhancing the immune response, the formula allows the body to keep itself healthy in times of stress or when exposed to pathogens. Like cat and dog vitamins for immune system health, Support Immunity is a great addition to your pet’s daily routine! The two ingredients in Support Immunity are the multifaceted tool kit of natural supplements! Astragalus works overtime helping to protect the liver and fight bacteria and viruses. Codonopsis root help promote the body’s red and white blood cell production as well as the stimulation of the central nervous system. It’s a super duo! Support Immunity is for pet parents looking to provide the immune system support cats and dogs need. This remarkably simple formula provides complete care for your fur baby, helping to give them the best quality of life!