IMORDEN Saddlebag sand bags(4 packs) Heavy Empty Sand bags Holds 20lb Photography VIDEO STUDIO STAND, Light Stand, Tripod Jib Arm Mini Camera Crane

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About IMORDEN Saddlebag Sand Bags(4 Packs) Heavy Empty

IMORDEN 4 Pieces Sandbag These sandbags are mainly used to stabilize lightweight photographic equipment. For example, the sandbag can be matched with your jib arm as counterweight at the end of arm. It can also work with your tripod and flash bracket. They are high quality and professional designed by Nylon.You can fill them with sand, stones, rocks, water bottles, metal or any other ballast to add weight. Double zippers for each compartment. Double protection makes your sandbag more safe and this can avoid the zipper open while it working with lots of filler. Package Included: -Sandbag x4 Packs NOTE 1. You could use a zip-lock plastic bag or waterproof bag inside to insure no leakage and prevent the sand from getting wet if it was dunked in water. 2. Be careful to use the sandbag in a right way but not throw it down with full sand in.