KIDS LOVE SURPRISES - 3 XL Surprise Bath Bombs Gift Set - XL 5.5 oz each-The Island Bath & Body-Made In USA- Shea & Cocoa Butter ...

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About KIDS LOVE SURPRISES - 3 XL Surprise Bath Bombs Gift

The Island Bath & Body Bath Bomb Fizzies are handmade in the USA. They will turn a simple bath into your own private spa! They are rich in moisturizing, detoxifying, muscle relaxing, cruelty free ingredients. Just one bath will make a noticeable difference in the look and feel of your skin! Simply fill your bathtub with warm water, unwrap and drop in a Bath Bomb Fizzy, and watch it fizz! It's an explosion of fragrance, color, butters, oils, and salts! Watch for your surprise pop out from inside as the bath bomb dissolves. It's so much fun. Finally, lay back & enjoy the luxury. REFRESHING BATH: 77 degrees F to 86 degrees F - Duration 10 minutes RELAXING BATH: 98 degrees F to 100 degrees F - Duration 15-20 minutes THERAPEUTIC BATH: (Not recommended for children) 101 degrees F to 104 degrees F - Duration 10-30 minutes.* Oils may make surface slippery, use with care. If allergic to any ingredients, do not use this product. NOT recommended for children 5 years or younger. * Bathing with bath bombs and other salt products, can irritate, tingle or burn if you have irritated skin or open wounds. * Recommend a skin patch test prior to using this product to insure you are not allergic to or sensitive to its ingredients. * Always test the temperature of the bath water prior to use to insure the water is the proper bathing temperature for the user. * Keep out of reach of children except under adult supervision. For external use only. *