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About Middle Of Everywhere

Product Description Channeling American roots, country blues, and jazz traditions of the early 20th century, Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three s newest recording is surely a most inspired 21st -century creation. Middle of Everywhere represents the latest addition to a growing eminence in contemporary American roots music, and LaFarge is definitely paving the way. He and his crew do not just pay homage to their artistic forbears here they commandeer their legacies and create something new and with Midwestern country blues mashed with Western swing, sweet harmony vocals, and hints of New Orleans style horns and lap steel throughout, the title Middle of Everywhere is particularly fitting. LaFarge s honest, approachable songwriting chops shine through on such tracks as Head to Toe, and Ain t the Same, with The South City Three all the while providing an impeccable up-tempo driving rhythm. LaFarge has always had the grace, charm, and flair of the musicians of long ago, but Middle of Everywhere shows just how much of a musical force he is, and how much command he possesses as he steps out with accordant confidence. Review [Pokey LaFarge] studies the past and makes it his own... his voice is strong and warm... The sentiment in [ Feels So Good] pretty well sums up what I love about this band. --Bob Boilen, NPR Nothing about Pokey LaFarge seems to exist in modern times, starting with the name Pokey LaFarge. His music evokes the old-timey spirit of a thousand crackling 78 RPM records hell, he's putting out a 78 of his own and even when you encounter him face to face, he seems to gaze at you out of a dusty archival photo. --npr music