Other Worlds: UFOs, Aliens, and the Afterlife

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About Other Worlds: UFOs, Aliens, And The Afterlife

Who hasn't asked: "What happens to me after I die" and/or "Are we alone in the universe" Other Worlds: UFOs, Aliens, and the Afterlife takes readers on a journey into other galaxies and into a different time-a time after all of their tomorrows. How are the societies organized on other planets and in the afterlife? This book answers this question with a new approach in the UFO and the Near-Death Experience fields. As readers take this trip, they will wonder if there are universal laws governing the societies of intelligent beings regardless of where they reside in existence. Are humans projecting into foreign forms their own beliefs about how societies should be arranged on Earth? Why study such ethereal and controversial material? We always learn about ourselves when we study those who are different from us, whether those beings are real or not. Anyone who has read a good book of fiction knows the validity of this point. Consider how many teenagers identify with the characters in the Hunger Games books. What follows is the sociological perspective. We will explore institutions, such as marriage and the family, social classes, and culture. We will determine the sex of alien travelers as well as the occupations of their human witnesses. We will learn what the afterlife looks like, and discover what messages deceased beings deliver to humans.