Premium Chlorella Supplement by Fresh Healthcare, 1200mg Pure Vegan Powder Capsules, 180 Chlorophyll and CFG Pills, Natural Detox Superfood, Naturally Contains B Vitamins and Minerals

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About Premium Chlorella Supplement By Fresh

Fresh Healthcare's Chlorella contains the highest amount of detox Chlorophyll of any plant source. Chlorophyll is a healthy detoxifier that has been proven to help waste move throughout your body. Chlorella is also rich is Phytonutrients including amino acids, Betacarotene, Potassium, Phosphorous, and Biotin which are all essential for your health! These vitamins and minerals are commonly left out of our daily diets, which is why we packed our specially formulated, nutrient-dense superfood all in one capsule! To ensure consistent quality, Fresh Healthcare formulates and manufactures all its supplements in the USA. Our supplements are manufactured in a carefully selected facility under Strict Quality Controls. We made it easy for you to stay on-the-go anywhere you are to get your fix of nutrients that increase mood and energy, support a healthy weight loss, and slow skin-aging! Taking just 2 capsules a day with water leads to healthy, nutrient-driven detoxification!Our bottle contains 180 Vegan Capsules providing a FULL 3 MONTH SUPPLY for unmatched quality and affordability. We always recommend pairing our supplements with a well-balanced, healthy diet for effective results! Find a healthy diet and lifestyle that works best for you, then enhance them when you add our Chlorella capsules! Many diets, including gluten-free, exclude nutrients necessary for maximum health, energy, and skin revitalization. Consuming just 2 capsules a day, your body will be nourished with Phytonutrients including Amino Acids, Beta-carotene, Potassium, Phosphorous, Biotin, Magnesium and the B-complex Vitamins which are commonly left out of our meals. Get back to doing what you love by replenishing your body with essential vitamins and minerals and learn more about the benefits of Chlorella when you receive our bonus E-Book, "Top 10 Health Benefits of Chlorella". Learn where Chlorella came from, what it is used for, and how Chlorella supplements are going to help you.