Progressive Multifocus Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking Computer Readers (3.0 x)

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About Progressive Multifocus Reading Glasses Blue Light

Multi-focus for clear vision: Progressive Multifocal glasses Suitable for reading and looking at distant objects without frequent picking. Intelligent progressive lens zoom. Anti-blue light protection vision: Blue light filter lens feature a special coating that restricts blue light from passing through the lenses. Anti Eyestrain/Anti Scratch/Anti Smudgy,Sleep Better. Note: If it is the first time someone trying to wear a progressive multifocal reading glasses needs to adapt to these products for a while. Cleaning: 1. The glasses should be treated carefully to avoid damage and cleaned regularly. 2. Clean the lens using soap water or neutral detergent, gently wipe dry with the soft glasses cloth included. INCLUDES: 1 * progressive lenses reading glasses 1 * glasses case 1 * glasses cloth