Rockville Studio Microphone Isolation Shield with Sound Dampening Foam, Small (RMF1)

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About Rockville Studio Microphone Isolation Shield With

Rockville’s RMF1 compact studio microphone isolation shield is the latest addition to our ever growing line of Pro Audio studio accessories. Featuring 1.5-inch-thick high density acoustic foam, the RMF1 keeps unwanted outside audio waves and vibrations from affecting your recordings. By creating an acoustic boundary around the microphone, vocal audio flow is improved. Your voice is redirected to the microphone, meanwhile room reflections are prevented from directly entering the recording area. The end result is you will achieve a crisper and cleaner sound. This shield can be mounted to compatible microphone stands or used in a fixed location, like a countertop/tabletop. Easy installation and studio quality performance will quickly make the RMF1 your go-to sound dampening isolation shield. Features: RMF1 Pro Audio Acoustic Microphone Isolation Shield with Sound Dampening Foam Keeps Excessive Room Ambience and Off Axis Sound from interfering with your microphone when recording acoustic and vocal tracks Isolates Directional Microphones from Off Axis Coloration Limits External Bleed from Unintended Sound Sources Features 1.5-Inch-Thick High Density Pyramid Acoustic Foam  Front and a vented metal back plate for the Best Noise Reflection Reduction Can be used in fixed location Stand mountable Provides Vocal Booth Style Recordings with Minimal Footprint Professional Studio-Grade Rugged Finish Makes This Easy to Transport Tri-Pod Foot Design for Stability on Flat Surfaces 3/8 Die-Cast Metal Threads  Mic Stand with 5/8 Adapter The shield is made of pure high-grade steel Number of Panels : 3 pcs Dimensions Each Panel : 8.2'' x 4.5''  Dimensions Assembled Unit : 11'' x 4.3” x 16.3”