Super Clean Neem Oil 8 oz. Garden Foliar Concentrate

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About Super Clean Neem Oil 8 Oz. Garden Foliar Concentrate

Super Clean Neem uses a proprietary method of cold pressing high quality fresh neem seeds. This allows our oil to achieve a high concentration of the azaderachtin with the natural tallows in the seed that are needed to allow the oil to achieve the highest potential. Due to our dedication to detail and quality, we have been able to achieve the cleanest and most concentrated form of neem oil. Features: -Cold Expeller Pressed -100% Organicand Non-toxic -Natural Antibacterial and Fungicide -Broad Sprectrum Naturally Occurring Pesticide -Pests Cannot Build Resistance -Ideal for Integrated Pest Management -Can be used indoor and outdoors -Controls Mildews, Rusts, and Scab -Keeps leaves clean and plants healthy MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Super Clean Neem is an easy to mix concentrate. Light Application: Mix 1/2 - 2 tsp. per quart of water Recommended to be used in conjunction with Super Clean Karanja Oil