The Greatest Liar on Earth

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About The Greatest Liar On Earth

Product Description Come hear the intriguing real-life tale of a man whose amazing adventure stories sounded too good to be true . . . or were they? There is not a whisper when Louis de Rougemont steps onto the stage to recount his astonishing experiences on the sea and in lands far away. It is a breathtaking tale of catastrophe and miraculous events. A monster with enormous tentacles! A sea turtle big enough to ride! Fish raining from the sky! Cannibals! But critics say he is an imposter with a gift for spinning yarns. Are Louis’s tales true? Or is he the greatest liar on Earth? Bold, whimsical artwork brings to life the tale of an early-twentieth-century man who held audiences rapt while his critics dubbed him a hoaxer of the highest degree. A fun slice of history sure to inspire a lively discussion of truth, fabrication, and the gray areas in-between. Back matter includes further information. From Booklist Know any kids who like to bend the truth? Introduce them to Louis de Rougemont, a real-life writer-lecturer who enthralled London in the late 1890s with astounding stories of his adventures in the remote wilds in and around Australia. As the celebrated de Rougemont’s tales grew ever taller (mustachioed fish, flying wombats, boulders of gold), critics began to doubt his exploits, and eventually he was exposed as a Swiss trickster who culled his whoppers from the reading room of the British Library. Greenwood’s poetic, nuanced text decries de Rougemont as a fraud, but a moral ambiguity remains in his rags-to-riches (and back again) story: “Who has not walked in the woods, seen a cat, and called it a wolf?” Further blurring fact and fiction is a concluding two-page note that discusses the validity of the fallen con man’s claims. Although readers may be left with questions, they will nevertheless be charmed by Lessac’s bright folk art–style gouache illustrations, at their best when capturing every detail of de Rougemont’s astonishing yarns. Grades 2-5. --Kristen McKulski Review Lessac's naïf gouache illustrations keep pace with de Rougemont's tall tales...Greenwood's story of a forgotten fabulist gently asks whether the truth is all it's cracked up to be—especially in show biz. —Publishers Weekly online About the Author Mark Greenwood is a musician and award-winning author of The Donkey of Gallipoli: A True Story of Courage in World War I, among other children’s books . He lives in Australia. Frané Lessac is the award-winning illustrator of more than thirty children’s books. Originally from New Jersey, she now lives with her husband, Mark Greenwood, in Australia.