True Gear iShield Anti Reflective Coated Glasses - Ultra Thin Frame (Clear) - Yellow/Black

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About True Gear IShield Anti Reflective Coated Glasses

Anti-Reflective, Ultra Thin PC Lenses. Microfiber Drawstring Bag Included. Doctor Recommended Extended use of phones, tablets and computers leads to eye fatigue. AR lenses prevent fatigue by blocking harmful blue light emitted from screens. Relieve your eyes with AR lenses. Too much time on digital devices without AR protection may cause headaches, blurred vision, and other signs of eye strain. Blue light emitted from screens such as tablets and phones may cause a lack of melatonin, which may lead to difficulties sleeping. AR lenses are important for anyone using a digital device on a regular basis. Features Anti-Reflective, Ultra Thin PC Lenses blocks UV light, harmful blue light and flare, while enhancing the quality of vision, comfort and clarity. Reduces eye fatigue from computer vision syndrome (CVS) Eliminates glare from fluorescent lightning Improves vision when watching TV and gaming Swiss TR90 Frames Extremely durable flexible, lightweight and comfortable. Improves recovery time after exposure to intense glare, UV light, harmful blue light and vision in low light by increasing contrast sensitivity and visual acuity Increases field of vision during night driving. Intended for ages 14 and above. Do not put in mouth or ingest.