Wushu Sanda Series: Training of Basic Skills (2 DVDs) (Audio in Chinese with English, French, Spanish and Simplified Chinese subtitles)

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About Wushu Sanda Series: Training Of Basic Skills

Basic training is essential for both the beginner and seasoned fighter to develop the strength, conditioning, reflexes, and skills needed to fight effectively. In this 2-disc instructional DVD set, Yang Xiaojun, the Muhammad Ali of Sanda, teaches how to train in the basics of Sanda.. China Wushu Sanda - Sanshou (Free Sparring) is China s answer to kick boxing with a bit of wrestling thrown in. Its kick far, hit near, wrestle body contact embodies the soul of China traditional Wushu. Yang Xiaojun is a famous sanda athlete, associate professor of sanda of Tianjin Physical Culture Institute now, seventh dan of Chinese wushu, the first level national judge of wushu sanda. This teaching material is a very detailed and systemic introduction to sanda techniques and skills, from theory to practice, and from the very simple to rather advanced levels.